1. Learn how your food safety compliance plans measure up under the new regulations
    Considerable effort and expense have gone into preparing your food safety plans to stand up to the new regulations. Take tis opportunity to hear what practical realities are being encountered in implementation to ensure yours are airtight.
  2. Gain insight into best practices for transitioning to the new regulations for new product categories
    If your company operates in a food category that is new under the SFC regulations, you will need to know how compliance can be achieved cost-effectively. Benefit by learning how your peers are adapting to the new regulatory environment.
  3. Learn how to prepare for a recall and protect your brand
    There is something worse than facing a recall, and that is not being prepared. Avoid needless risk to your brand and reputation by hearing how a large international company is approaching recall preparedness.
  4. Understand the growing risk that food fraud represents to your reputation and how to avoid it
    Food fraud is a growing threat that could damage the trust vested in you by your customers and the public. Find out how to protect yourself and your brand from this growing global menace.
  5. Be prepared for public health audits and maintain consumer confidence in your food service establishment and your great reputation
    The great reputation you enjoy today and have worked hard to build could be gone tomorrow with just one photo posted on social media. Learn what public health auditors look for and be thoroughly prepared.



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