How to Succeed in Foreign Markets

You’ve decided it’s time to expand your business to international markets. Perhaps you want to diversify your customer base, or your sales are slowing down at home. Or maybe you want to capitalize on some opportunities outside Canada.
Whatever your motivation, the fact is international expansion can boost your sales, spur innovation and make your company a stronger competitor at home.
Here BDC will give you a step-by-step guide on how to seize the opportunities that expansion offers

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Leading Food Safety Professionals on What Are 2017’s Hot Topics

We asked our speakers about what is currently trending in Food Safety and how it is impacting their companies. Find out what they’re doing to ensure their employees are committed to food safety processes, incorporate new technology and adapt to the new era of social media.
Take away insights on:

  • Mitigating risks with the FSMA and SFCA
  • How to combat food fraud and ensure consumer trust
  • Cloud-based software to automate Regulatory Compliance documentation
  • The best ways to communicate with employees
  • Managing misinformation through social media
  • Ensuring you comply with new labelling requirements

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Preventative Priorities to Abate Food Safety Risks: A Multi-Functional Challenge!

This piece focuses on risk-reduction considerations for food processors/packages, highlights the need for truly-cross functional food safety team efforts, emphasizes the need for safe and easier-to-clean equipment with the aim of improving your food safety measures.

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By: Packers Sanitation Service

Leaders in Food Safety Talk Hot Topics for 2016

In this exclusive speaker eBook, we asked our presenters about hot topics currently trending in Food Safety and the impact on their companies. Find out what they’re doing to adapt to a Global Supply Chain, improve customer engagement and adopt never-seen-before technologies.

Take away insights on:

  • Instant feedback and response systems for Customers through networks & social media.
  • Real-time data capture to ensure performance of production systems.
  • Internal Supplier Approval programs.
  • Rapid microbiological testing to avoid contamination.
  • Annual Food Safety Systems Reviews.
  • GFSI Certification, Allergen Control Activities & HACCP plan creation.

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Identifying the Top Food Safety Challenges Facing the North American Food Industry

This survey was conducted in January 2017 and features responses from professionals in key food industry segments including: Production, Manufacturing, Retail, Wholesale, Auditing, Sanitation and Packaging.

Challenges include:

  • Threats to Food Safety
  • Food Recalls
  • Impact of Consumers
  • Regulations
  • Communication

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Is Government Funding Part of Your Business Strategy?

Government Funding can assist small businesses and farmers to improve their processes & services. Find out where to find government funding, how to take advantage of available programs & why it is important to incorporate government funding into your business strategy.

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Process Guide: Conducting Important Environmental Sampling in Food Facilities

Sometimes overlooked amongst food production processes, is the potential for the environment to be a source of contamination. Contamination can be the result of poor air circulation, temperature monitoring and sanitation.

This guide provides information on how to properly conduct microbiological sampling including indirect indicator tests and pathogen-specific tests to track contaminants like:

  • Coliform & fecal coliforms
  • Generic E. coli
  • ‘Listeria-like’ organisms


Download the guide to learn how to properly protect your food production environment from contaminants invisible to the naked eye.

Infographic: Compliance Obstacles

Today’s 10 Most Common Obstacles to Compliance

During our annual food program in 2015, we hosted an open discussion with food professionals about obstacles to compliance. These food leaders collaboratively agreed upon the top 10 challenges to meeting compliance standards today.

Topics include:

  • Finding and receiving resources to improve compliance.
  • Managing data, analytics and documentation trends.
  • Buy-in from senior management.


How do you relate? Discover where you stand in the industry. Evaluate yourself against your peers.

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FSMA Update:

Food Safety Modernization Act Updates and Implications to Your Business

By: Rebecca Buckner | Senior Advisor for FSMA | U.S. Food and Drug Administration

With the United States being Canada’s largest trading partner, Canadian food companies need to stay on top of the latest FDA regulatory requirements. Find out the latest developments and what the new deadlines mean for you. Devise your best approach to stay compliant.

  • Gain clarity in FSMA’s directions and expected updates
  • Get familiar with Canadian food export and suppliers’ accountability
  • Align your organization to prevent rather than respond to contamination

Be equipped with the latest USA updates to ensure compliance at your organization.

Case Study: Food Defense

By: Colin A. Barthel | Food Defense and Emergency Coordination Staff | U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Threats of food tampering are becoming common and major risk. Analyze your vulnerability to acts of intentional contamination. In this exclusive presentation from the FDA, take away specific solutions to:

  • Identify vulnerabilities in the food system
  • Prepare for risks of food tampering
  • Analyze how food defense affects your investment

Equip yourself with new insights on weaknesses in the food system to protect your food.

Safe Food for Canadians Action Plan

By: Colleen Barnes | Executive Director, Domestic Food Safety Systems & Meat Hygiene Directorate | Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)

With target for new food inspection regulations to come into force set for mid-2015, the Safe Food for Canadians Act and the Food Safety Modernization Act are dictating changes within the industry. This presentation will help you determine how to remain compliant and gain new perspective on future regulations. Take away new approaches by:

  • Understanding how to remain compliant
  • Assessing future global regulations
  • Identifying improved guidelines for successful inspection
  • Dissecting industry reaction to future regulations

Gain insight from CFIA and learn how your product will be regulated.