Creating Your Corporate Vision for Food Safety Compliance

What is a Corporate Vision for Food Safety Compliance and Why Does It Matter?

A corporate vision for food safety compliance is a defined and documented strategy for mapping out the business’s objectives for meeting its compliance obligations now and in the future. It is focused on future-proofing the business’s need to meet a dynamic compliance framework, maintain a high level of consumer protection and support business development objectives.

By: SafeFood 360



Mastering The Complexities Of Documentation: Tools To Help Ensure Your Records Are Audit-Ready

The well-known adage “the job’s not finished until the paperwork is done” also applies to the food industry. Whether audits are industry-, government- or customer-driven, adequate documentation is a crucial step in the compliance process. Regardless of your record-keeping system, always keep in mind the “ABCs” of document writing—make sure they are Accurate, Brief and Clear.

By: Steven P. Weiland, Corporate Microbiologist, Packers Sanitation Services, Inc.

Safe Food for Canadians Action Plan

By: Colleen Barnes | Executive Director, Domestic Food Safety Systems & Meat Hygiene Directorate | Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)

With target for new food inspection regulations to come into force set for mid-2015, the Safe Food for Canadians Act and the Food Safety Modernization Act are dictating changes within the industry. This presentation will help you determine how to remain compliant and gain new perspective on future regulations. Take away new approaches by:

  • Understanding how to remain compliant
  • Assessing future global regulations
  • Identifying improved guidelines for successful inspection
  • Dissecting industry reaction to future regulations

Gain insight from CFIA and learn how your product will be regulated.

Leading Food Safety Professionals on What Are 2017’s Hot Topics

We asked our speakers about what is currently trending in Food Safety and how it is impacting their companies. Find out what they’re doing to ensure their employees are committed to food safety processes, incorporate new technology and adapt to the new era of social media.
Take away insights on:

  • Mitigating risks with the FSMA and SFCA
  • How to combat food fraud and ensure consumer trust
  • Cloud-based software to automate Regulatory Compliance documentation
  • The best ways to communicate with employees
  • Managing misinformation through social media
  • Ensuring you comply with new labelling requirements

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Leaders in Food Safety Talk Hot Topics for 2016

In this exclusive speaker eBook, we asked our presenters about hot topics currently trending in Food Safety and the impact on their companies. Find out what they’re doing to adapt to a Global Supply Chain, improve customer engagement and adopt never-seen-before technologies.

Take away insights on:

  • Instant feedback and response systems for Customers through networks & social media.
  • Real-time data capture to ensure performance of production systems.
  • Internal Supplier Approval programs.
  • Rapid microbiological testing to avoid contamination.
  • Annual Food Safety Systems Reviews.
  • GFSI Certification, Allergen Control Activities & HACCP plan creation.

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