Ashley Cornell

Director of Regulatory Affairs

Ashley is a compliance professional with over ten years of experience in both the food and cannabis sectors.  Her range of experience on the manufacturing floor and in corporate senior leadership has given her unique insight to speak on sustainable approaches to culture change around food safety to reduce risk.  She has developed and implemented Food Safety plans for new build facilities, including corporate adoption and staff training.  She has applied behaviour modification techniques as she led the compliance remediation of a company after mass recalls and suspension issued by Health Canada.  As Quality and Regulatory professional, Ashley has a deep knowledge of The Food and Drug Regulations, Good Manufacturing Practices, and Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP).

Prior to her time in industry, Ashley worked as a Nutrition Educator and Program Developer.

In her current role as Director of Regulatory Affairs with the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA), Ashley works closely with government policy makers, regulators, and industry to help advance food policy and reduce the barriers to innovation and growth for more natural, organic, and wellness food.

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Day 1: Apr 18, 2023

Day 2: Apr 19, 2023

2:00 pm

2:00 pm


Implement culture change around food safety to reduce risk

‘Food Safety’ may be the name of a department, but the whole organization plays a part. Lead your company in ensuring a safety-oriented culture and cement support from both senior management and the plant. Develop a blueprint to:

  • Change thinking to embrace a culture of sanitation.
  • Incorporate a different approach that the most successful companies have embraced as the foundation of their food safety culture
  • Change behavior, change food safety: Behavior-based food safety management system
  • Reduce the signs and symptoms of a failed Food Safety Management System (FSMS)
  • Customize learnings from real examples of success based on a true food safety culture

Master success and establish your own culture of food safety to improve security and boost productivity.