Portfolio Development Executive

Christopher represents the Siemens Research, Development, and Laboratory Information Management suite of solutions.  He brings more than 25 years’ experience working within regulated industries, both with manufacturers and with global regulatory agencies.  He is passionate about the application of digital technologies in support of new product innovation, quality management, and manufacturing execution.


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Day 1: Jun 7, 2021

1:00 pm

1:00 pm

INDUSTRY EXPERT: SIEMENS - Accelerated Innovation Vs. Regulatory Compliance

How to embrace complexity and turn it into a competitive advantage.

Companies invest millions in product development technologies to meet increasingly complex consumer demands, yet food safety and regulatory professionals are routinely positioned as the final “hurdle” prior to market release.   This traditional sequence of product development then regulatory review not only creates friction between innovation and regulatory professionals, it increases risk, and hinders time to market.

Join this session to learn how Siemens helps our regulatory and food safety professionals:

  • Shift left capturing food safety and regulatory requirements dynamically. Enable a rapid “design to” process instead of the traditional “checking for” process.
  • Embrace Complexity to leverage technology to meet innovation goals while always remaining compliant.
  •  Embrace Change to turn the constantly evolving regulatory and consumer demand landscape into a competitive advantage for you and your brand.

Day 2: Jun 8, 2021