Author / Professor of Food Policy

All Sessions by DR. DARIN DETWILER, LP.D

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Day 1: Jun 7, 2021

10:45 am

10:45 am


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11:00 am

11:00 am


How is Digital Transformation Shaping the New Era of Smarter Food Safety?

In July 2020, the FDA announced its blueprint for the NEW ERA OF SMARTER FOOD SAFETY. The initiative discussed leveraging technology and other tools to create a safer, more digital and traceable food system.  Industry leadership describe this session as an opportunity to delve into the reasoning behind the blueprint as well as the latest pilot test learnings used to increase traceability throughout the chain. As a participant, you may take back fresh ideas to help your organization:

  • Exceed the FDA’s expectations
  • Determine what this means for your local (Canadian) operations
  • Investigate technology solutions that can truly make a difference in regulatory safety adherence for organizations on both sides of the border

 Don’t miss this important update from Canada’s most important trading partner

2:00 pm

2:00 pm


Change Your View on Packaging to Address Consumer Expectations

Packaging is essential for preserving food quality, minimizing food waste and reducing preservatives used in food. But COVID-19 has definitely raised alarm to the quantity used and its effect on the environment. Review your company’s packaging materials and processes in light of changing consumer value equations. Dialogue with thought leaders researching new, innovative ways to ensure food safety and share tips with senior management to:

  • Improve quality/safety of your products while saving money
  • Better understand the demographics of today’s consumers that are willing to pay extra to help save the planet
  • Use technological advancements to minimize packaging waste

Harness the impact of new packaging technology to improve consumer perception of your brands’ food safety and value.

Day 2: Jun 8, 2021

12:00 pm

12:00 pm


Monitoring Social Media Insights to Effectively Manage Food Safety

Your consumers are talking about your brand – good, bad, or other. Make sure you’re on top of what they’re saying, especially in the area of quality. Cut down on foodborne illness by tracking comments on your suppliers. Confirm your packaging is saying what your consumers want to read. Map out an action plan to:

  • Get a jump on potential problems early
  • Increase understanding of the correlation between consumer trends and food/beverage safety
  • Educate others on an important way track consumer sentiment regarding your brand(s)

Capitalize on a popular communication method to exceed your customers’ expectations