Florentina Gadau

Food Safety Director

Florentina is the Food Safety Director at Sysco providing overall leadership for Corporate Food Safety Programs across all Canadian Operating Companies.

She joined Sysco in 2015 from Maple Lodge Farms where she held the role of Director Corporate Food Safety and Quality Assurance being responsible for the quality management systems, policy development, training, and auditing.

In her actual role, Florentina supports the design, development, and implementation of Sysco risk-based food safety system for the Distribution segment. She manages Food Safety strategy to mitigate risk through programs that provide safe food to customers and ensures compliance with all applicable food regulations and the BRC standard. In 2016 Sysco was awarded by Merieux NutriSciences for the use of the BRC standard to drive change.

Her broad experience includes a variety of roles associated with Operations and Quality Assurance in food manufacturing and food service in Europe and North America.

In addition, Florentina is active within the industry having previously contributed to several GFSI technical working groups and is currently a member of the BRSGS North America working group.

She is passionate about working for a Company that lives into the purpose of “Connecting the world to share food and care for one other”.

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Day 1: Apr 24, 2024

Day 2: Apr 25, 2024

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3:45 pm


Implement Culture Change Around Food Safety to Reduce Risk

While “Food Safety” might be a designated department, it requires a collective effort throughout the organization. Lead your company in cultivating a safety-oriented centric culture, garnering support from both senior management and the plant. Develop a blueprint to:

  • Shift perspectives to embrace a sanitation-focused culture
  • Integrate an approach adopted by highly successful companies as the foundation of their food safety culture
  • Drive change in behavior through a behavior-based food safety management system
  • Actively involve middle management in advocating for a food safety culture
  • Customize learnings from success stories grounded in a genuine food safety culture

Master success and establish your own culture of food safety to improve security and mitigate risks.