Scott Riefler

Chief Science Officer

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Day 1: Apr 18, 2023

Day 2: Apr 19, 2023

2:30 pm

2:30 pm

PRESENTATION: How do we best ensure safety with emerging materials

What happens when regulatory agencies cannot keep up with rapid innovation?

Cannabis products were made legal for the adult use sector in Canada in 2018 and edibles and novel cannabis derived products are now established in the Canadian market. In the US a different approach was taken, with cannabis remaining federally illegal, and some states legalizing it either medically or for recreational use. ‘Hemp” derived cannabinoids, CBD products and related innovations are different yet again, with their rapidly evolving methods of derivation and compounding often outpacing regulatory agency’s ability to provide leading guidance.

  • Current regulatory status and guidance within the US.
  • What are the needs and how can we ensure safe products in various application sectors: food, supplements, and pharma.
  • Important evolutionary steps for regulatory agencies, how can our industry help.
  • What is outlook for regulatory progress?

Extricate key nuggets of guidance in the CBD regulatory environment