Jay Banwar

Director of Food Safety & Quality Assurance

My name is Jay Banwar. I have more than 13 years of experience in the field of food safety,  quality assurance, regulatory affairs and operations management. I oversee and manage the food safety and quality assurance program for Halenda’s Meats manufacturing facilities.

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Day 1: Apr 24, 2024

1:45 pm

1:45 pm

Track 2


Mitigating Financial Risks: A Strategic Approach to Food Safety for SMEs

Food safety mistakes can impose significant financial burdens on SMEs navigating compliance with regulations amidst limited resources. In the USA, annual costs from foodborne illnesses are estimated at around $77.7 billion, and in Canada, single food recalls can result in losses exceeding $10 million. Master how to prioritize your food safety practices to avoid costly setbacks. Achieve a step-by-step action plan to:

  • Understanding the fundamental food safety practices for SMEs to prevent contamination, reduce product recalls, and safeguard their reputation
  • Navigate the ever-evolving food safety regulations, ensuring SME compliance to avoid fines and legal consequences
  • Stay current with the latest standards and guidelines to enhance your business’s reputation and bottom line

Enrich your approach to food safety to mitigate financial risks. 

Day 2: Apr 25, 2024