Lauren Cozens

Senior Manager, Labeling Canada & Coffee

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Day 1: Apr 24, 2024

Day 2: Apr 25, 2024

1:45 pm

1:45 pm


Prevent, Manage, and Respond to Allergen-Related Issues

Addressing allergen-related issues is crucial for the food manufacturing sector to protect consumers with allergies, uphold food safety, and avoid costly recalls and legal implications. Heighten your understanding of the newest guidance developed by, and for, the food industry in Canada. Develop a blueprint to:

  • Integrate best practices for allergen management
  • Create strategies to prevent allergen cross-contamination
  • Implement accurate allergen labeling and the latest regulatory requirements
  • Apply crisis response protocols that effectively manage allergen-related incidents

 Adapt your approach to allergen management to improve your food safety strategy.