Melissa Dass-Gleason

Director Corporate Compliance

Director Corporate Compliance, CT Bakery and Affiliates (DC Donuts and Golden Bakeshop)

Melissa Dass-Gleason brings 20 years of expertise in the food and pharmaceutical industry in food safety, quality, and product identity certification programs.

Currently, as the Director of Corporate Compliance at CT Bakery and Affiliates, she is responsible for 4 different food manufacturing plants.

She holds a BRCGS Professional Designate. Her expertise and experience include GFSI program development & implementation, training employees, auditing and Regulatory Affairs.

Melissa’s leadership and expertise in managing audits, BRCGS, and ensuring regulatory compliance has made her a valuable asset in the food production industry.

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Day 1: Apr 24, 2024

9:30 am

9:30 am


Chart Emerging Trends and Innovations in Food Safety

Stay ahead in the continually evolving realm of food safety by exploring the latest trends, innovations, and strategies that will shape the industry’s future. Take away specific solutions to:

  • Tackle emerging challenges and capitalizing on opportunities that are reshaping food safety, from blockchain technology to AI-driven inspections
  • Understand the comprehensive adaptation of the entire food supply chain to new demands, ensuring the maintenance of the highest safety standards at each stage
  • Embrace cutting-edge technologies and approaches that are driving food safety into the future 

Advance your knowledge and tools to stay ahead of the competition and thrive in this dynamic landscape.

Day 2: Apr 25, 2024