The preparation stage is over. See how your compliance plans measure up to the new regulatory reality.

The implementation of the Safe Food for Canadians regulations represents a new era for food safety in Canada.  Find out what impact the regulatory roll-out is having on your sector.

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Hear from key stakeholders and take away these benefits:

  1. Understand which global food safety standard best fits your company; Determine which standard meets your needs and the differences with the SFC regulations
  2. How to navigate the new regulatory landscape from the small start-up perspective
  3. Understand the benefits of instilling a culture of food safety
  4. Best practices in preventing contamination from allergens
  5. Get a head-start on the future of food safety; Gain insight in the impact of additives, chemicals and packaging on human health
  6. Safeguard your reputation by including food fraud provisions in your sourcing practices
  7. Fine-tune your import practices to comply with the new regulations
  8. Protect your reputation as a produce supplier and avoid being the source of the next food-borne illness
  9. Be recall-ready by taking an emergency-preparedness approach
  10. Get the latest on labelling to ensure you comply with the new nutrition and front-of-pack regulations