Mike Byerley

Lead Auditor

Consulting Services in Food Safety, Occupational Health & Safety, Human Resources and Customer Service for the Retail and the Restaurant Industry.

Currently I am a consultant working with multiple clients, mainly in food safety. I work with large corporations that provide multiple food services to customers, both secondary and post-secondary educational institutions and manufacturing companies. When I work with these clients, I do not conduct a typical food safety audit. I like to refer to my visits as food safety reviews. Not only do I provide information on items that are not correct, but I work closely with the employees to provide on the spot training to show how things should be done if they have made an error. I am also proud to note that one of my clients has obtained and held a BRC certificate for 6 years now.

I am also working with the Gluten-Free Food Program where I provide auditing to ensure that locations including school and manufacturing locations meet the stringent standards to be able to state they are Gluten-Free.

Previously I was with both Sobeys Groceries and Compass Group Canada where I was responsible for ensuring that all Food Safety programs were effectively executed at the store and warehouse level. I managed a team of Food Safety Specialists to deliver programs, monitor compliance and develop action plans to address scorecard and audit gaps. The team provided coaching and feedback to Local Market managers and staff in order to continuously improve execution of Food Safety standards, practices and regulatory requirements. I was responsible for completion of small vendor audits. I made sure that Food Safety issues were dealt with and managed proactively at the local level. I handled the recall management in the region. I encouraged a safety focused culture, ensuring OH&S was considered in current processes and future plans. I used my experience to help the engineering department on renovations and new construction to ensure safety codes were met. I met on a regular basis with all levels of regulatory affairs including local health boards, the provincial government and the CFIA. Have monitored and supervised many major events over the years including the 2002 Papal Visit to Toronto, Sars Stock concert (with the Rolling Stones), Indy Car Races, Tennis Canada, PGA Golf and more.

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Day 1: Apr 24, 2024

Day 2: Apr 25, 2024

2:45 pm

2:45 pm

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The Gluten-Free Conundrum: Special Food Safety Considerations

The escalating demand for gluten-free products necessitates heightened attention to food safety, as consumers with gluten-related disorders rely on the integrity of these products for their health and well-being. Improve your food safety in the production of gluten-free items to not only meet regulatory requirements, but also foster trust among consumers. Master the success factors to:

  • Understand the risks and best practices to prevent cross-contamination of gluten-free products during production, packaging, and handling
  • Accurately label gluten-free products and manage allergen control to provide essential information to consumers with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities
  • Keep updated on evolving gluten-free regulations and recognize the importance of rigorous testing to ensure products genuinely meet the gluten-free standards

 Advance your nuanced approach to gluten-free food safety to build trust among consumers.